Show Me Your Life- BOOKS!!!

Books are absolutely one of my favorite things ever! I have loved to read ever since I was young and one of my first memories is reading with my parents at our old house. I have bought 100s of books over the years and read even more! One of my new big “secrets” is buying books from Goodwill and thrift stores. I don’t always get the newest titles, but it is totally worth saving 90% (at least) off the book price! And if I buy a book I don’t like, then I don’t really feel bad because I only paid $1 or so for it!

(I know the few people that actually read this blog regularly are getting SICK AND TIRED of me talking about buying books at Goodwill. So my apologies!)

I have a loooooong list of books that I want to read, which is part of the problem with buying books in bulk. I have my book list on top of my blog and then I also have tons of other books that interested me that I’ve bought. Here are some of the next ones on my bedside table.

I first heard of this book from Battle Hymn Notes because one of the writers is mentioned in it and God and football (especially SEC football) are 2 things I’m very interested in, so I ordered it off Amazon. I’m hesitant to start reading it though because it will just make me that much sadder that it’s 4 months until football season.

Let’s just put it out there. I’m not a fan of where politics in this country are headed. If you had to classify me in a party, I would probably say Republican, but honestly I don’t know. I asked for this book for Christmas. Apparently she talks about shaking up the Republican party, which I am all for. I’m pretty excited to read this one.

Finally! A Goodwill book! I loved the movie Julie and Julia and so when I saw this book, I had to grab it! Also, Sarah‘s roommate Whitney just read it and she said it just made her want to cook and it was really good. Yay!

Yet another Goodwill purchase. Although I read Beth Moore’s blog and am doing her Siesta Scripture Memory Team this year, I’ve never actually done one of her studies. I take that back. I bought one last year that’s a tiny read a page a day for a year thing, but I didn’t come close to finishing it. Oops.

I’ve had this book for a LONG time and I started it but didn’t finish. Now that there is a movie coming out, lots of people are saying how much they love this book and how excited they are about the movie. So I should read it before the movie comes out. That may move it closer to the top of my list.

Okay, now those are the next books on my list TO read. Plus about 15 more. But these are the books I am currently reading.

So far…. Eh. Not too crazy about it. But it’s on my list, so I’m (sort of) determined.

To distract me from Vanity Fair, I started reading this. My parents studied it in their Sunday School class so I borrowed it from Mama. It is GREAT!! But, I currently have no idea where it is. Boo.

So I picked this up to read until I find Vanity Fair again. I lovelovelove Donald Miller and waited and waited for this book to come out in paperback on Amazon. I started it Wednesday and have barely been able to put it down. It is so good and has challenged me so much to live a better story. Seriously. I would recommend this to anyone.

That’s all I’ve got but I think that’s plenty to keep me busy for a while!


4 Comments on “Show Me Your Life- BOOKS!!!”

  1. Pease says:

    My mom’s bible study is doing what’s so amazing about grace!!

  2. Chad Gibbs says:

    Hope you enjoy God and Football. Go Dawgs and War Eagle!

  3. Erin says:

    Great list! I am going to add a few to mine! :) Erin

    Love your blog! I am following you!

  4. PaulaW says:

    There is no Goodwill store near me, but on vacation last month I found a great one and bought several books, for a mere 99 cents each!!!

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