Pease’s “Home Friends” Shower

Yikes! I totally forgot I hadn’t blogged about this last week! Better late than never!

Sunday after Brian and Melissa’s wedding, we laid around and watched the Masters a little bit before I had to get ready for the shower. It was in Marietta so I thought it would only take me about 30 minutes to get there but it ended up taking an hour! So I was late. Oops.

This is Brittany’s last shower before the big day! We are all so excited, even though it’s still kinda far. Well, we do have the lingerie shower, but I doubt there will be many pictures from that. ;)

Moving on.

She got lots of great stuff, as usual.

Miss Jeannie gets the award for the most creative wrapping.

For her wine corks!

Whitney painted this tray for Peaser. She loves this saying! It looks so great!

Of course everyone oohed and ahhed over it and then she opened my gift after this one. It was a little blah, after that! Haha

All of the bridesmaids! I admit I was a little sad that Peaser wanted this picture sitting down because I liked my outfit and you can’t really see it. But I’m sure I’ll wear it a few more times. Haha The next time we’ll all be together is the Bachelorette weekend!


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