Wills and Kate

I can’t believe I’ve yet to blog about this!

Tomorrow, one of the biggest events that is going to occur in my lifetime is about to happen. THE ROYAL WEDDING!!!

Of course, I always thought that I would be the one walking down that long aisle to Prince William. And we would be getting married in St. Paul’s Cathedral instead of Westminster Abbey. But life doesn’t always work out like you think it will.

I’ve been obsessed with the Royal Family for a loooong time. When I was growing up, my mom had a book about Princess Diana’s fashions that was published in like 1989. So super outdated, but I wore the pages out of it.

I wrote a paper in the 4th grade on the person I admired most and I chose Princess Diana. And then Princess Diana died. I remember how I found out about it. I believe it was Sunday morning and I woke up early, which never happens. I walked down stairs and was standing in the door between my parents bedroom and bathroom and my mom said, “Is she dead?” And I KNEW they were talking about Princess Diana. It was freaky. The next day, our 5th grade teacher asked us first thing that morning what had happened the day before. Of course everyone’s hand flew in the air and I was so mad that Miss Jenkins called on Adam. A BOY?? REALLY???

A few years ago, when I studied abroad in London, I JUST KNEW that we would meet and fall in love. He was broken up with Kate at the time and it was fate.

Or not.

There has been lots of speculation when William would propose and when they would get married. But next year is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which will mark her 60th year as the Queen of England, so it was either now or 2 years from now.

But I’m super excited it’s now! I watched the William and Kate Lifetime movie and have watched the Today show everyday this week in preparation. It’s been fabulous. Basically I’ve learned 4 things:

1. They have no idea who made her dress or what it looks like. It may not even be white.
2. They have no idea where they are honeymooning.
3. They have no idea if she is wearing her hair down or up.
4. They have no idea if she is wearing a tiara.

Here is what they do know:

1. It’s Friday, November 29.
2. It’s in Westminster Abbey.

Glad they’ve devoted countless hours of tv to that.

Tomorrow morning, Mama, me, and BILLIONS of people around the world will get up early to watch. I can’t imagine. This is like a real-life Cinderella story. Minus the evil step-mother, of course.

I predict lots of coffee will be drunk in the morning. Dangit, I should have made scones! (Which, according to Rosie Pope, are pronounced with a short O instead of a long one. Who knew?)


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