World News

This past week, a lot of important stuff happened in the world and I want to take a chance to write it all down, so I don’t forget.

Last Wednesday, about 15 tornadoes ripped through Tuscaloosa and on into North Georgia. At the latest count, almost 35o have died and 100s more are still missing. Entire subdivisions have been flattened, churches, schools, and businesses have been completely destroyed. Tens of thousands of lives have been changed and even destroyed as a result. These aren’t people with large cash reserves. They are average people, living their lives and now they have to start over completely. It is devastating, to say the least.

Of course, the next news is much happier! I’ve already talked about how excited I was about William and Kate’s wedding! (I don’t think I will ever get used to calling her Catherine, even if she does spell it correctly. ;)) The wedding was gorgeous, she looked every bit the part of a princess. I loved her dress and thought it was timeless and elegant. She will look at those pictures in 50 years and will absolutely not regret it. I’m so glad I got up to watch it. It is not something I will ever forget. I also loved her sister’s dress and her tiny bouquet.

These are 2 of my favorite images from the wedding.

One of my favorite moments was when they left Buckingham Palace to go back and “rest” before the night’s parties. They left in one of Prince Charles’s Aston Martins. Just like a “normal” married couple. But I loved that no one knew they were going to do this. It was a total surprise.

One of the biggest things to happen in the war on terror since Saddam Hussein’s capture, trial, and death occurred last night with the death of Osama Bin Laden. I’m going to try very hard not to go into politics, although I easily could. Okay, I’m not going to try that hard. (Skip the next few sentences, if you want.) I was frustrated that the president’s speech was over an hour late and at the use of I, me, and my in his speech. News broke on Twitter long before he actually gave the speech. I have conflicting thoughts about the whole thing. I’m happy he’s no longer in this world. A lot of people on Twitter (who are way better than me) were sad about people’s expressed happiness because he did not know Jesus at his death. Well, good point. But he wanted you and me to die, so I can’t say that I’m too sad about it. I also am now worried about the ramifications of his death. I think that his followers are going to be sent reeling and are already planning a retaliation. That is scary. I live in a state with one of the biggest cities in the country. It is the largest international airport and there is also the Center of Disease Control here. It is rumored that the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on 9-11 was headed for Atlanta. Some of my best friends live and work there. So I am happy and scared about the whole thing. Lots of praying to do.

Okay, now back to happy! This isn’t necessarily “world news,” but it’s important news in my world! Saturday afternoon, I had a missed call from Kathleen. And since I have a 6th sense about these things, I knew exactly what she was calling to tell me!

She and Avery were engaged!!!!!

Yay!!!!! I am so excited for her! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get all the details about the wedding, but the proposal was so sweet and just perfect for them! I can’t wait to see her in 2 weeks to see the ring in person and get all the details!

Well, I think that’s a lot for one week. I’m hoping these next few weeks can just be quiet and normal.


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