Of Bravos and Fishies

While the rest of the world was having a crazy, up and down weekend, my weekend was just up! I know I say this all the time, but we really did have a great weekend full of great stuff to do, conversations, laughter, good food and good times!

Friday night, Ryan and I headed to the Braves game! I love going to Braves games! Growing up, we usually only went to 1 or 2 a year, since it was kinda far. But having so many friends that have grown up in the Atlanta area, they are used to going to 10-15 a year. So it’s a fun treat for me.


A few things about this picture. 1. Ryan does not love having his picture taken. (He’s a good sport for me.) 2. I am always ready for the picture. 3. See that kid behind Ryan? He and his buddy spent the entire game competing with each other about sports trivia. But the absolute most random stuff you have ever heard in your life. Oh, it was so annoying!

After we looked at the previous picture and laughed, the nice man beside us offered to take our picture. Much better.

Unfortunately, they ended up losing in extra innings and we were both exhausted, so we decided to skip out on the fireworks. I know we’ll go back!

Saturday, we got up and headed to the aquarium! Neither one of us had been in several years, so we were excited to go back! Of course, on the way there, I got the call that Kathleen was engaged!! (Click on the link to get all the juicy details!)

The aquarium was great and of course, I took way too many pictures. It’s really hard to narrow it down!

These little wormy things were so gross! They would pop up and down out of the dirt. Yuck!

I loved all of this really brightly colored coral! It doesn’t look real!

The jellyfish make for really great pictures.

I loved this tropical fish! I wanted to take him home with me!

The manta ray pool is really neat. Last time, I didn’t touch them but with some encouragement from Ryan (and the 7 year old beside me) I did this time. They were much squishier than I thought they would be.

I am trying to be less prideful. (And since I post less-than-flattering pictures of other people, I guess I should do it to myself also.)

The penguins are Ryan’s favorite. (I didn’t get a good shot at the otters, which are mine.)

Such a good sport.

After the aquarium, we had raw oysters and sushi for dinner. The irony was not lost on us. And no, neither one of us felt bad.

Sunday, we just ran errands all day, which made us feel old for some reason. After that, we had dinner with Ryan’s parents and I headed home. Yet another great weekend, in the books.


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