Just call me Debbie Downer

Y’all are going to think I’m crazy. And I probably am. But here is my confession: I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have food poisoning.

Well guess what?

Wonder no more because I woke up about 4 a.m. Saturday morning and started, well, I won’t go into all the gory details.

So what should be a really fun wedding recap is instead a sad story about how I ate Cuban food, loved it, but will never be able to eat it again because of aforementioned food poisoning. And no wedding recap because I could barely make it out of bed, much less shower and look presentable enough for a wedding.

And now, I have a sore throat from lots of drainage and am feeling pretty tired. But I have lots to do before this weekend because we are celebrating Pease’s last days as a single woman!!! So I have no time to feel bad.

Whoa. Most. Depressing. Blog post. Ever.

So I will end it. You’re welcome.


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