Awkward Dr. Visits

I realize I’ve already said something about this on Twitter, but I also wanted to record it here. (I also know I’ve talked about taking a baby out and people thinking it’s yours.)

I took H to the doctor with me today to get rid of this sore throat nastyness before the weekend. (By the way, the meds prescribed to me tell me to avoid “prolonged sun exposure.” Perfect, since we’re headed to DA BEACH!!)

(I took this while we were in the waiting room. It’s my new favorite. I can’t believe she’s almost a year old!)

The doctor I saw, I’ve known forever. He knows my family and I also saw him a few weeks ago when I had a stomach infection, so he knows I don’t have a baby.

But the nurse didn’t know that. So she asked if I was on the pill. Then she asked how many times I had been pregnant.



“No, none. This is not my baby.”

I do love her, though.


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