We survived the Bachelorette Weekend!

Well, barely.

I’ve made a vow to drink less because apparently what I used to be able to drink in college, I can no longer. So boo for that part of growing up.

And I have the most ridiculous sunburn EVER because apparently when your pharmacist warns you that meds might make you burn, he’s not kidding around. (And yes, I sat under an umbrella and wore sunscreen and still fried.) I’m actually pretty upset about it because tan lines in weddings is a fashion pet peeve of mine and now it looks like I will have a very nice set. Boo.

Anyway, I have a million photos I need to go through before I can actually even try to sum up this fabulousness of the weekend, so here is one of the group Saturday night. Can I just say I love my tripod? Oh, and these girls. They are way awesome. But more about that later.

Now I’m headed back to alternate aloe and vinegar on my sunburn.

(Also, Ryan sent me this link of 40 things that will make you feel old. It does.)


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