Peaser’s Bachelorette Weekend (Finally!!)

Last week was crazy! I seriously did something every night, except Tuesday. So I’m just now getting around to remembering the Bach weekend. It was fabulous! We had a great time relaxing, talking, laughing, partying, eating, just having fun! I’m going to mostly let the pictures do the talking, but as always I’ll add my commentary. ;)

We left in a few different groups. Michelle and I left from Greensboro and Peaser, Kelly, Katy, and Claire left from Atlanta on Thursday night and then Rachel, Whitney and Kathleen left on Friday.

Of course, being who we are, Michelle and I left 2 hours late. But, it gave me time to bake brownies, so I was ok with that!

We all got to the house after midnight, so we explored the house and talked a little before hitting the hay. We were getting up early to head to the beach!

It was a gorgeous day!

This was my view for most of the day. I sat under the umbrella and still got fried. But it was a great view!

Of course I had to build a sandcastle. It was much smaller without Iz to help me.

After the beach, we headed back in, got ready, ate dinner and Rachel, Kathleen, and Whitney finally arrived! So we headed out! The first bar we went to was super sketch, complete with a DJ playing songs from YouTube and a siren going off every minute and a stripper pole. Needless to say, after a few drinks, we left.

Check out the burn. Also, after looking at the pictures, I realized that I basically wore the same thing both nights: neutral tank and white shorts. Haha oh well.

Not engaged!


(Sorry. I have to. ;)

The next day, the beach was not quite as nice to us. It was cold and windy and cloudy. Boo.

These 3 brave souls did go put their toes in the water. They reported it was much colder than the day before.

Katy entertained us by doing a few cartwheels.

But we did get a group picture before we left!

And then it started raining. And kept raining. And we realized the beach was empty. So we left. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just a beach shower, it was an all-out rain. So we headed back to the house and all took naps and got ready for the lingerie shower and dinner!

One of the cutest was Whitney’s gift: she did “naughty” and “nice” presents! Such a great idea that I am definitely stealing! (Pease has gotten very good at taking pictures holding her presents.)

After opening the gifts, we all took individual pictures with Pease (that I will spare you from. But any Bach weekend girls, email me and I’ll send you yours!) But I am going to include mine, since this is my blog after all. ;)

Group pictures! Sorority friends! (We missed Burlesie, though!)

“Original” friends!

All of us! One of the things I have been grateful for during this wedding “process” is that I’ve been able to be at all the showers and other bridesmaid-related events (for lack of a better term). I’ve loved getting to know all of these girls and definitely feel like we’ve all become friends. This makes me really excited about the wedding day!

After showering her (and Ross!) with lingerie, we headed to JMac’s for dinner. It was decent, but the prices were a little high and the portions were a little small. But the other room was full of old fraternity men, so that was fun!

Then, of course, we headed out! First next door to a pool hall that was interesting.

And then we headed to Brogan’s to be with “our people” a little more. (I have no idea what this picture is about, by the way!)

After this picture we took, it was definitely time for us to head home so we could get up the next morning and go home. Of course, once again, Michelle and I were the last to leave. Totally my fault this time, though. Haha

On the way home, I had some tire pressure issues, so Michelle and I had to stop and put air in the tires.

But we made it home!

And then I got back in the car and drove to Atlanta to pick Ryan up from the airport. Totally worth it.

This honestly could not have been better! We all had a great time and loved relaxing and being together before the craziness of this coming weekend! We can’t wait!


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