Pease and Ross’s Rehearsal

After lunching with the rest of the bridesmaids and taking our turn at being showered with gifts, Patrick picked Claire and me up and we headed to the hotel so I could finish up the bow bouquets and we could finish writing our speech.

Claire also practiced walking in her fabulous shoes!

Soon after, Ryan showed up and the 4 of us headed to the church. Of course, between Ryan and Patrick, we were the first ones there.

Soon after, everyone else showed up and we began rehearsing.

Of course, this is how Claire, Burles, and I stood most of the time.

Just because we don’t all have enough pictures together. :)

After the rehearsal, we all went and had a great dinner and Claire, Burles, and I gave a toast that will go down in the history of toasts. Partly thanks to my incredible foresight to save a xanga site that Peaser had when she first met Ross. I wish I had a transcript of it, but you’re probably thankful that I don’t.

Post-dinner, we all headed out to Buffalo-Wild Wing for a few drinks. Let’s just say things did NOT get crazy in Hiram. Haha

Finally, it was time for the couple of the hour to say good night and get ready for their big day! Last pictures together as a not-married couple!



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