Thursday Thought- My Beatitudes

This prayer came from one of my favorite blogs, Lots of Scotts.

“Lord, I want to be smart, popular, and respected.
I want to be good looking, athletically built and stylishly dressed.
I want life to be good, work to be fulfilling and relationships to be fun.
I want to be happy, healthy and rich.
I want to have those things now and hold onto them forever.

Those are my beatitudes, Lord, if I am being honest with you. But if I am being honest with myself, I know that none of those things will make me happy. Not for long, anyway. And certainly not forever.

When I put all of those qualities together, I get a composite of someone in the movies or on the cover of a magazine. I get a celebrity. I don’t get Christ. But Christ is what I want. In my heart of hearts, He is really what I want to be like. His thoughts are what I want to think. His emotions are what I want to feel. His life is what I want to live. I want to be strong like Him, wise like Him, compassionate like Him.

I want Jesus to be the person I model my life after… Help me settle for nothing less.”

-Ken Gire, Moments with the Savior


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