Wining and Dining

I’m determined to get caught up with this here blog! And as soon as I do, I’m going out of town again. Oy. But I’m getting them knocked out as I can. :)

So about a year ago, I bought a hat. My goal for the hat was to wear it 3 times that summer. Fast-forward a year later, I still hadn’t worn it. I was talking to Sarah and we decided I needed an event to wear the hat to. It’s just too beautiful to not ever get worn. And we thought a visit to a winery would be the perfect place.

There was a wine festival in Dahlonega a week after Peaser’s wedding. Perfect! We asked a bunch of people to go with us, but they were all busy doing something way less cool.

I’ve decided I’m very picky about my wine. I don’t like it too sweet or too dry. Kind of like Goldilocks.

These are fun people. I love them.

The hills of wine.

Group picture time. The girls:

My all-time favorite picture of me and my favorite person. Ryan’s grandfather said I looked like Kate Middleton. Um, hello!

My artsy picture. I actually really like this picture.

The tent where we tasted. It was a hot day and nice to be shaded some.

“We love wine!”

This was more my speed. A peach-wine slushie thing. Yum!

“What is the definition of good wine? It should start and end with a smile.” -William Sokolin


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