OBX and Ryan’s Work Dinner

A few weeks ago, Daynes invited us all to her house in the Outer Banks. And it was great! Just what I needed- to relax and just read and be cut off from the outside world. I took a grand total of ~3 pictures.

And here is one of them.

We did actually get a good group picture.

The moon one night. We ate dinner outside. It was glorious.

Friday morning, Sarah and I got up at 4:30 (A.M. I’m in shock also) to come back because she had a wedding to go to and Ryan had a fancy work dinner he wanted me to go to with him. Seriously, it was the shortest 8 hour road trip I’ve ever been on.

I was very excited because it was a black tie dinner, so I got to wear my favorite dress. I wore it to formal sophomore year. It was a tiny struggle getting into it, but we were victorious over the dress!

The dinner was great and Ryan’s boss won the award she was nominated for! So I would say it was a pretty successful night!


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