It All Ends

Hello, again little blog. Have you missed me? I’ve certainly missed you. I’m sorry for neglecting you for so long, but I have been frightfully busy. I will tell you all about it, of course! Just be patient with me.

On July 14, my childhood officially ended. Whoa, that’s depressing! So, obviously not. But a chapter of it did come to a close: the end of Harry Potter.

I remember the first book I was really excited about coming out was the 4th one. It was during the summer and we were at the beach. Daddy went and bought the book for me and Chance to “share.” Clearly, that wasn’t going to work so he had to go back and buy me one. Freshman year of college, Jamie and I were going to see a movie, but the theatre was PACKED and we couldn’t find a parking spot. When I realized it was because of the 4th movie premiering, Jamie informed me that she didn’t read those books and was clearly not interested in them. Upon returning to our dorm, the 2nd movie was on TV. I started to tell her about the 1st movie and what was going on in the 2nd. She was hooked, we ran out and rented the 1st and 3rd, and I gave her the books for Christmas. (This is one of my proudest accomplishments to this day!) I was in London when the 6th movie premiered and the 7th book came out. It was PANDEMONIUM. We all went and saw the movie together and purchased the book as soon as we could! I remember reading on the tube and when I got to my internship, everyone had to be out of the studio and could I just hang out and answer the phones? Aka could I just sit there and read HP? You can bet your bottom dollar I could!! I laughed, I cried, it was magical.

So when Sarah told me that she and Whitney were going to the last movie at midnight and I should come, I jumped at the chance! We got in line around 9:45 and the line was already long! So we got out our tailgating chairs and made ourselves comfortable. And took some pictures.

Of course, a TON of people dressed up. We had Luna and Dobby with us.

Whitney/Dobby and I went over to Starbucks and got a butterbeer! (And the rain didn’t deter us one bit!)

Finally, it was almost time to go in! The line had grown a LOT!


So how was it? In a word: PHENOMENAL. PERFECTION. PHABULOUS. (Sorry, had to continue with the “p” theme. :)

It perfectly captured the emotions of the book- the anticipation, suspense, fear, joy, relief, sadness, happiness, everything. Whitney cried throughout the whole thing and Sarah and I definitely had our moments. We laughed and cheered and when it was all over, it was good. It’s hard to believe it’s done, but I felt whole. I didn’t feel empty, I felt relief. They had done good work with it and I was happy.

“If I die saving Malfoy, I’m going to kill you, Harry.” -Ron Weasley


One Comment on “It All Ends”

  1. SandySays1 says:

    Wow, I love your enthusiasm. It’s also great to see someone who values the movie doing justice to the book! My human has a book that he’s negotiating movie contract option and is concerned that won’t happen. Go figure. Love the pics!!!!!!

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