Kids These Days

The other week, I had to make a quick run to Target and on my way, I passed a lemonade stand. The girls ran in the driveway and jumped up and down, trying to get me to come over, but I was in a hurry. When I came back by, I decided to shell out the $1 that they were charging. While I was waiting in my car for one of the girls to bring me my lemonade, the other girl told me about how they were sending it to India to the poor kids. I was touched, and thought, “How sweet!” Until she came back and handed me this:

Seriously?? Ryan swears it’s good and I know it’s better for me, but when I pay a whole dollar, I want real lemonade that they mixed in a big pitcher with a wooden spoon and then poured into a little plastic cup. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so.


One Comment on “Kids These Days”

  1. Erika says:

    HAAA!!! That is REALLY funny. Honestly, though, their profit margins would be way higher if they did it the old-fashioned, mix-it-in-a-pitcher way. Kids today know nothing.

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