Braves Game Date Night

Since Claire is now our sorority’s alumni chapter President, she decided we should have a date night with our pledge class to the Braves game.

I was very excited when this was announced because I actually had a real boy that I wanted to take. (In college, I always went with Iz. She was a great date and so much easier than taking a boy I didn’t know and having to pay for and entertain him.) But this time, I had a boy going with me that likes me and holds my hand. And that’s wonderful.

We rode with Pease and Ross and got there early to tailgate. Except it rained and forced us back into the car. But no matter. It cleared up soon and really cooled it off, instead of just making it too humid to function.

Eventually we headed in, 45 minutes early like Ryan and Ross wanted. Perfect to take pictures.

Poor Ross. He thought the picture taking was over. Not even close.

My sweetheart and me. We’ve gone to lots of Braves games this year!

All the girls, minus Michelle after the WIN!!

It was so great seeing everyone that I don’t get to see often enough! We need to make it happen more often!


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