A Trip to Virginia

FINALLY!!!! I am “caught up” on everything that I’ve been up to. This has been a busy summer and I’m ready to settle down. This past weekend was my last summer trip and it was a great one to end on!

Ryan and I drove to Virginia to hang out with his dad, step-mom, brother, and sister. We had a great time just hanging out, going to wineries, watching baseball and movies. Plus, they live less than 10 minutes from Monticello, so I got to cross that off my bucket list! We drove up and got there Thursday night just in time for dinner and to hang out before bed. Then Friday after lunch, Ryan’s dad, Ryan, and I went over to explore Monticello. It was super crowded and we didn’t have our tour until a few hours later so I got to check out the gift shop and we looked around the museum before walking over to Jefferson’s grave and then on to the house.

We got to explore the gardens and check out Jefferson’s AWESOME view of the surrounding area. His house was on top of the mountain, so he could see everything!

They didn’t want their picture taken together, but I insisted.

Finally it was time to go see the house! I didn’t get a great picture of this side of the house and we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside. Boo!

The nickel view of the house.

This couple with the socks pulled up were on our tour. The lady asked a bunch of questions and got on Ryan’s nerves. I answered a few that the tour guide asked and both times, he told me to hush. I said that at least my shorts weren’t above my belly button and I wasn’t wearing a fanny pack.

I thought this flower was interesting and I’ve never seen one like it before. Anyone know what it is??

We left Monticello and met up with Ryan’s stepmom, brother, and sister. We had crepes from this awesome little place that I didn’t take a picture at and then headed to a concert sponsored by Ryan’s dad’s company.

Lily is Ryan’s first love. And I’m totally okay with it.

Lily was excited that I actually got a picture of Zachary looking.

After the concert, we just walked around the outdoor mall and then headed home for dinner. That night, we watched Blazing Saddles which I had never seen before and then off to bed for Saturday’s adventure- wineries!

We went to several different wineries on Saturday. The first one was Dave Matthews’s and I didn’t take a single picture. He wasn’t there, but the views were amazing! Then we went to one in a warehouse and you could sign your name on the bar… which was really just a piece of plywood.

The last winery had a little creek behind it that we played in and had a picnic at.

And this would be the point where I left my camera. So no picture of the best turkey burger I’ve ever had (and yes I’ve been to Flip Burger.) Also, the restaurant is called Boylan Heights and it’s named after The Connells 2nd album, which is the band my cousin George was in.

After dinner, we walked around UVA’s downtown a tiny bit and then headed back home.

Sunday, we just hung out and laid around before we left after lunch.

It was a great trip to see family that we don’t get to see nearly enough! After this trip, Ryan and I both promised each other that we would go back more often.

(Oh, and I did go back and reclaim my camera. Praise God because much crying and gnashing of teeth would have occurred.)


3 Comments on “A Trip to Virginia”

  1. Aunt Mickey says:

    Hi Ryan – Enjoyed reading Sloan’s blog and seeing all the great family pictures. When are you bringing her to Cleveland? Be well.

  2. Cathy Rhodes says:

    I think the flower is cocks comb. Not sure, but it kinda looks like it.

  3. Cathy Rhodes says:

    Looked again…not cocks comb : – /

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