Rush and Mama R’s Birthday

Just when I think I’m all caught up, I’m not again. Last Friday, I went to Athens to help with Rush and see the sorority house. It looks beautiful!

The bathrooms in the old part were also redone, but I wasn’t able to get a good picture of them. But they aren’t even recognizable!

Friday night, Ryan, Mikey, Sarah, and I went to the Falcons preseason game. My theory of I only take pictures when Sarah’s around feel through, but oh well. The Falcons first team played good, but the second team made us lose. Boo.

Saturday we had a great day! We help Pease and Ross move into their new house a little bit, then went over to Ryan’s parents’ house to hang out. That night, we went to dinner at Fritti to celebrate Ryan’s grandmother’s birthday. It was GREAT pizza and salad!

I love great weekends like this that are quiet and relaxed, with family and friends.

Then Sunday, it was back home to pack to move! Yay!!!


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