Coming to America

Well, there’s nothing like a weekend post on Thursday, right? With no pictures at that! Well, a few.

Also, Sarah has already blogged the pictures, but I’m going to again anyway.

Friday night, Ryan and I watched the first Harry Potter movie because he hasn’t seen any of them. We made a deal that he has to watch the first 3, then he could decide if he wanted to watch the rest. He thought it was ok, but he didn’t feel the urge to watch the rest. But I think they just get better, so I’m hoping he’ll like the rest of them.

Saturday morning, Ryan had to babysit, so I drove home and Sarah and I made bacon pancakes from Pinterest.


Saturday afternoon, I worked and then came home to hang pictures and move furniture around. Ryan and Matt came over to help. We couldn’t have done it without them. The house looks SO much better! We still have some pictures to hang, but we’re getting closer! When it’s done, I’m going to be sure to take pictures.

Unfortunately, our air conditioning wasn’t working, so it was hot as heck. Yuck. And yay for crappy landlords that don’t return our emails. Not.

Sunday, Pease and Kelly had a wedding shower for Rachel. It was a lot of fun and the food was GREAT, but I didn’t take a single picture. But she got some really great, cute stuff. And then Burlesie was in town, so we had dinner and again, I didn’t take a single picture. It was great to see everyone! We ate at Treehouse, and for the second time I’ve eaten there, it rained. And the cool thing about that restaurant is the outside porch. Oh, well.

It was a great weekend, but I’m really excited this weekend to just RELAX before life gets crazy with football! I’m sooo excited!!


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