The Help

So pretty much everyone has written a blog post about The Help already. And now it’s my turn. I actually went and saw it the day it came out, but I guess it’s taken me this long to get my thoughts about it in order.

In short, I LOVED the movie! I laughed, I cried, and when it was over, I wanted to watch it again immediately. It was just too good.

I know that most people loved Minnie, Skeeter, and Abilene, but my favorite character/storyline was Celia Foote.

Her story was so heartbreaking to me, but I just loved her humor, her courage, and her husband’s love for her, no matter what. I think most people know better these days, but that was a time when the woman was blamed for miscarriages. And I loved how well her husband loved her through that.

She also helped me see a side of myself and something that I have done in the past (and probably continue to do, if I’m totally honest.) The Help was a movie/book about discrimination. But not just racial discrimination. Class and just plain female discrimination, also.

For whatever reason, Hilly decided she just didn’t like Celia. Perhaps it was because Celia married her high school sweetheart. Perhaps it was because she was from the wrong town. Who knows? Who cares?

But that scene when Celia shows up at Elizabeth Leefolt’s house and everyone hides and giggles made me think. How many times have I done that? Judged someone, avoided them, laughed at them? For no good reason at all and before getting to know them? I will admit that I’m not really a great judge of character. I’ve been wrong many times about people, both ways. I’ve liked people before getting to know them and realized later they weren’t who I thought they were and I’ve disliked people on first impression only to later love them.

So I’m trying to learn from that. To love like Christ and to give people a chance before I judge them unfairly. Because Celia Foote was the best and most decent character in The Help. She was judged unfairly and she didn’t deserve that. So I’m going to do better and let that be a lesson to me.

Except I’m not going to put in white wall-to-wall carpet with gold trim in my house. ;)


One Comment on “The Help”

  1. Debbie says:

    Sloan, I agree….Celia was my favorite character too! She was honest, caring, and so accepting. Qualities as you have said that we could all learn from.
    PS…I loved you from the very beginning! But, then I am a pretty good judge of sweetness!

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