Georgia vs. Boise St: Not a Good Time

I really hate talking about the game afterwards with people. Especially after a loss. Unless their opinions are the same as mine. Which is pretty rare. Because everyone is spouting off what they think and trying to pass them off as facts when they are, in fact, OPINIONS.

So here are a few of my OPINIONS. And keep in mind that I am one of the most optimistic and resistant to change Georgia fans ever.

1. We played terribly. Like, the score made it look way better than it was. It was just bad.
2. Our no-huddle offense was as slow as Christmas. Like whoa. Except not whoa, SLOW.
3. The defense looked good the first quarter and a half. But they were on the field way too long.
4. At least our uniforms didn’t look as bad as Maryland’s did, but I really hope to never see my Dawgs in anything other than red hats, silver britches, and red or white jerseys, depending on the location.
5. I’m in denial about the fact that we have to play South Cakalaky on Saturday.

Okay, onto the pictures when we were happy and all was right in the world.

Sarah and I tried to take a picture.

Finally, we succeeded. Somewhat. I’m not a huge fan. I need a hair cut.

This is the ONLY picture Ryan and I took. Unacceptable.

Finally, it was time for the game! We had some great seats.

And that’s the end of the happy times. If you don’t know how it ended, well then go find somewhere else to find it.


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