Futurebirds at the Georgia Theater

I know I’m doing these backwards, but that’s just how I do things.

Friday night before the South Carolina game, Ryan and I drove to Athens to see Gary Clark, Jr. and the Futurebirds at the new Georgia Theater. It was awesome! I told Ryan I wished it had burned down a few years earlier so that we could experience it during college!

We got there early so that we could go up to the rooftop bar to eat dinner and have a few drinks. They have a limited White Tiger menu and the food was awesome! Ryan tried the BBQ sandwich with Pimento Cheese on it and it was sooo good! I will definitely be having that next time we go back!

The doors opened at 8 and we were the 3rd and 4th people in the door. Ryan wanted to get a seat at the new balcony. Plus, he just likes to be early for everything.

Here’s a picture that will kind of show you how it’s set up. Instead of having the theater seating at the top, they put in a 3 tiered balcony. At the very top is a bar, and then below that is a level with a ledge to set drinks on and then a the bottom level that has a ledge all the way across the back and it wraps around the left side of the theater. From what I saw of the downstairs, it looks pretty much the same. This picture will kinda show how it is.

I am very much loving these iPhone pics lately.

The opener was Gary Clark, Jr. and he was awesome! Ryan has predicted that he will be huge one day and we will be able to say we saw him when. He usually has a knack for knowing these things, so we’ll see if he’s right!

Then it was time for the Futurebirds! They were awesome and you could tell they were just so excited to be in the Theater and loving every second of it! The crowd was super into, also, which always makes it way more fun! It was great to look down and see everyone so excited and jumping around and crazy.

It’s always great to be back in Athens and especially the Georgia Theater! I can’t wait for many more trips here!


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