Pinnable Friday: Football Edition

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love football. Or my Georgia Bulldogs. Even though this doesn’t seem like this is our year to win the MNC, I will always love and support my Dawgs, no matter what.

There’s boundless amounts of stuff on Pinterest that makes me excited about tailgating and going to the game and just ready for football season and going back to Athens. Win or lose, it really is my favorite time of the year.

Although I like it a lot better when we win.


Girl With Pearls via Sloan via Pinterest

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the back of this tunic. So cute for the Kentucky game with black boots and leggings.

Judith March via Sloan via Pinterest

This pillow has my heart.

catstudio via Sloan via Pinterest

I adore this picture! And especially the fact that they used Georgia on My Mind, but a different line from the song. And also especially that my daddy grows pine trees.

1canoe2 via Sloan via Pinterest

How awesome is this cooler for tailgating? The monogram makes it extra perfect, too. Except I couldn’t use it every 4th year when we play Bama.

Lillian Vernon via Sloan via Pinterest

And of course, what’s a Georgia tailgate without a platter?

Dawgwear via Sloan via Pinterest

Stefanie at Paw Prints and Pastry Bags isn’t doing Pinnable Friday, but it almost didn’t feel like Friday last few weeks when I didn’t do this post. So I’m doing it anyway!


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