UGA vs. Coastal Carolina

This Saturday, we played the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers.

(Apparently a Chanticleer is a mythical, wise chicken. FYI.)

So we got our first win! Yay! 59-0

Truthfully, after the Dawgs scored 21 points in the first quarter, I kinda stopped paying attention. Daynes came to the game with me and we just sat and talked the whole time. Sooooo, no game recap. Oops.

And Sarah woke up with a migraine Saturday morning, so no SK either. :(

BUT, it was still fun and a win, so that makes it A+.

Not the best picture of us, but we now have the same haircut. Fitting since Daynes is the one that referred me to the Paul Mitchell School. Also, not a great angle for me. But, oh well.

The parentals got to sit in a sky box for the game, but they humbled themselves enough to come hang out with us for a minute.

And I FINALLY got to take a scoreboard picture! Whoohoo!!

And we were finally in good moods after the game to get a picture. This is why I always want to take pictures before because you never know how you’re going to feel after.

If we had lost to Coastal Carolina, well, that may have been the worst game I’ve ever seen.

But we didn’t, so let’s not even talk about it.

And next week, we get to travel to Oxford! So excited about the Grove and hoping the state of Mississippi doesn’t do us wrong again this year.


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