Falcons vs. Eagles

Last year, I went to my first Falcons game.

And this year, I have season tickets.

I would have never thought that. But I love football, so it’s great although it does make for crazy weekends. At least we don’t go to Falcons away games too!

Sunday was the first regular season home game. It was nice because we didn’t have to get to the tailgate until almost 4! And as usual, I didn’t take any pictures at the tailgate. Boo.

I think we were all nervous for the game. Vick was back and he’s good. And I never realized how much people hated him in Atlanta.

But it was a great game and the Falcons won!

And most importantly, Samuel L. was in the HOUSE!!!!!!

2 pictures in one weekend! Whooo!

Ryan and his men

I forgot to get a picture of the scoreboard, but the final score was 35-31! It was stressful, but hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.

And the lady behind us didn’t sing her Julio song the whole night. Which was a relief because I would’ve had it stuck in my head all week.




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