The One With Needs vs. Wants

I was on Pinterest the other day (of course!) and I saw something. Something amazing. It looked like something I had seen before, but I couldn’t believe it! There was just no way. So I clicked on the link. And lo and behold, I was right!

J. Crew had reissued their bubble necklace!!

But this time, instead of being in yellow, gray, and turquoise, it was in RED and BLACK!

Obviously, I need want the red.

But seriously, how can I make this a need? Do you think my landlord would understand if I didn’t pay part of my rent for the month? Doubtful.

So Mama, here is item Numero Uno for my Christmas list.

I hope we make it to a bowl game so I can wear it.


One Comment on “The One With Needs vs. Wants”

  1. Cathy Rhodes says:

    How about if I give you the money for the necklace, and you buy it yourself?

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