Random Thoughts Number 143

1. I will never be the kind of girl that just doesn’t wear makeup to big events. And yes, I consider football to be a “big event.” Speaking of that, the Grove was probably the best thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I would be an Ole Miss fan just for that.

2. Some parts of the Old Testament are really boring. But some parts, I can’t wait to see what happens!

3. I think I’ve finally found the fabric I want to use to make curtains for my room. I can’t wait to finally have them up and my room finished.

4. I want to write my future self an email. I think it will be interesting to see what my life looks like in 5 years and where I am.

5. I’m changing my blog name soon. I’m thinking since I’ve been graduated for almost 2 years and have finally moved out of my parents house, it’s time.

6. I’ve been trying VERY hard to keep my room clean/straight. It’s not always perfect, but honestly, I’m pretty proud of myself. Except it’s pretty messy right now and I’m writing this blog post instead of cleaning up. Oops. But really, the 15 minute cleanup method has really helped me out. If you haven’t tried it, you should!

7. Gossip Girl starts tonight!!! I’m not as excited as I have been in past years. But I have hope!

8. I have about 4 unfinished projects laying around. I would make it a goal to finish one this week, but honestly, this week is pretty busy.

9. I’m having Iz over for dinner Tuesday night! I’m super excited and making a recipe I “made” up a few weeks ago. Except I’m sure everyone else on the planet makes it too.

10. Ever since buying my own groceries, I have MAJOR issues with food waste. Seriously, it makes me crazy! I’m also researching the negative affects of bottled water on the planet at work and I have seriously began a vendetta against plastic. It is sooo bad! Seriously. Do 5 minutes of research on it and I promise you will never want to buy a plastic item in your entire life ever again.


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