UGA at Ole Miss: The Mecca of Tailgating

Yes, it’s true.

The Grove really is as wonderful as they say it is. It’s impossible to put into words and pictures just don’t do it justice. I will try and I will fail. Truthfully, it’s just something you have to experience for yourself. So if you ever have the chance, don’t hesitate.

As usual, though, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Friday after work, everyone gathered at mine and Sarah’s house (and Whitney and Annie’s) to leave. We planned to leave at 6 and I believe we pulled out at 6:02. We were pumped.

Unfortunately, the parentals were in the suburban, so it was caravan time for us!

We arrived in Tupelo around 11:30 America time. Just enough time to hang out and have a few beers before bed.

Alas, at 2 a.m., our room was awoken by the sound of a key card opening our door and a girl exclaiming, “What the HELL?!?!” Yes, apparently our room had been double booked. Just like the last time we went to Mississippi. Fortunately, this time we got there first and didn’t have to move. Yay!

After leaving Tupelo around 6:30, we got to Oxford to head to The Grove! And it was already hopping at this point. These people know how to tailgate. As they say, “We may have lost a few games, but we’ve never lost a party.” Seriously, I would wear a t-shirt that said that.

So hospitable.

Of course, the speed limit is 18 mph for Archie Manning.

I am just so in love with this tradition. I’m telling you, the pictures don’t do it justice. Tents as far as you could see, every table adorned with table clothes, flowers, and beautiful food. Candelabras and chandeliers. And all of it under the shade of the most beautiful oak trees. It was just magical.

Of course, the best part of any tailgate is the people you do it with.

Before we knew it, it was game time. The first half was good football, but the second half left a lot to be desired. But we won, so that’s all I’m going to say about that.

(I don’t know what’s wrong with my eyes, but the sun was super bright. Oh, and Alec and Mikey’s. haha)

I’m just glad we won the game AND the party!


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