Pinnable Friday: Football Fashion

Since the other week, I talked about football, this week, I’m talking what to WEAR to the games. Because what you wear is almost as important as winning and losing. Because if you’re going to lose, you better look good doing it.

Snazzy Tags and Bags via Sloan via Pinterest

This is the perfect gameday dress. Cute, stylish, yet classic. This is something you can wear for years and every year, someone will compliment you on it. Because what’s the point of dressing up if someone isn’t going to tell you that you look good?

Page gone :( via Sloan via Pinterest

Apparently I have a thing for horizontal striped skirts. I love, love both of these. If I had to pick, I would probably get the red, but the black would be way more versatile. Also, I prefer the length of the black.

Anne M. Cramer via Sloan via Pinterest

Etsy via Sloan via Pinterest

This top could not be more adorable! Great for the first game, or for a less important game like Coastal Carolina. No offense to the Chantileers, of course.

Anthropologie via Sloan via Pinterest

One of the easiest ways to wear red is through your accessories. Some seasons, red clothes are hard to come by. (Fortunately, they’re popular this season!!) But black and white are always easy to find. So I have stocked up on red jewelry, purses, hats, scarves, etc to snazz up my outfits.

Anthro but page gone :( via Sloan via Pinterest

Dooney and Burke via Sloan via Pinterest

Lantern Dancer via Sloan via Pinterest

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One Comment on “Pinnable Friday: Football Fashion”

  1. chrissie says:

    The hat is so cute !

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