Dawgs vs. Dogs

Last Saturday, my Dawgs took on the other Dogs. This would not have been that big of a game except for 2 things. 1.) We lost last year and 2.) We both haven’t been as good as we were supposed to be this year.

Fortunately, our defense played great (LOVE this trend!) and we won pretty easily. So easily that I left early.

Not really. Well, I did leave early, but I had to get back to Atlanta for a work party. But let’s just say I’m SUPER grateful that it wasn’t a close game and that we had a decent lead because otherwise, it would have been very hard for me to tear myself away.

Also, I’m pretty mad because I had on a really cute outfit, but it was FREEZING and I was unprepared, so I had to wear Ryan’s sweatshirt the whole time. But not that mad because we won!


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