Football Highs and Football Lows

Last weekend, we traveled to Knoxville, which is commonly known as the worst place on earth. It’s gross and filled with girls wearing orange overalls. Um, seriously?? If that ever becomes a trend at Georgia, I will quit going to games. Fortunately, it won’t because our colors aren’t orange. And really, nothing could ever keep me away.

We had a great day, though. After we got there, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings to drink a few beers, watch some football, and eat lunch.

Thanks, Mikey.

Missing the other third of Team Shreve.

After BWW, we just walked around and hit up a few tailgates and went into the bookstore. So, so bad. So much orange. I’m still partially blind in my right eye from it all.

Then this old man offered to take a picture of us and Ryan insisted he get into the picture.

Soon, it was time to head into the stadium. The only smart thing Tennessee has ever done is spread the visiting fans along the top of the endzone, instead of giving us all our own section.

At halftime, Tennessee’s marching band performed the Wizard of Oz with S. Carolina being Steven Scarecrow, Kentucky being the Cowardly Lion looking for courage to play football, and Alabama being the Tin Man wanting a heart. And Georgia was the Wicked Witch of Georgia. I couldn’t find a video of Tennessee doing it, but I found one of Michigan doing it. Seriously?? More than one school has done this crap? It’s ridiculous. If I was a Tennessee fan, I would have been really embarrassed.

This is Ryan telling our offense to “line up in the I and run the ball.”

Yes, 4 holding penalties and a facemask equals 2nd down and 56. Finally, we all just started laughing. I mean, really??

But, who cares because we won!!!

Sunday morning, we slept in (!!!!!) and had breakfast at Waffle House before heading back to the greatest state in the Confederacy. And the continental United States. And the U.S. territories also. Because the Falcons were playing Green Bay that night. And it was a big game. Unfortunately, it was the football low and they lost. :( The worst part was they played good the first quarter and got our hopes up and then they were dashed.

Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Not the best picture of us….. But it’s still us.

If I’m being completely honest, I’d rather the Dawgs win than the Falcons though, so it was ok.

This weekend, we’re headed to NASHVILLE!!! Which is the best away game, ever. Seriously, if we didn’t need someone to play in Homecoming every other year, I would vote for Vanderbilt to be a road game every year!



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