Well, we eeked that one out!

As I said last week, the Vanderbilt game is always a highlight because Nashville is such a fun town! I would totally live there if it wasn’t, well, in Tennessee.

I rode up with Ryan and Mikey and by rode up I mean that I slept half of the way. I love sleeping in the car. I fell asleep outside of Chattanooga and woke up when we were pulling into Nashville. We went straight to the hotel to meet Bev and Sonny and then to eat and the bars! We headed to the hotel where Ryan’s cousin works to see him and Ryan’s uncle when he got off work and then back downtown to go to the bars and meet up with the rest of the crew.

We started off the night at Legends.

Is Sarah just wearing ridiculously high heels or am I crouching down? I guess the world will never know…..

The next morning, we slept in late (yay!!) before getting up to tailgate.

Buuut, 3 hours after we had finished setting up, a lady came and told us we weren’t allowed to tailgate, even though the sign didn’t say we couldn’t tailgate. So, we moved a few blocks down to where Ryan’s uncle’s friend lived and just set up camp in their front yard. And it was actually perfect.

We even had cute decorations!

Ryan and his uncle smoked those nasty cigars.

Soon, it was game time! Of course, we went into it thinking it would be another high school game. Buuut, not by a long shot.

And of course, the game came down to the absolute last play of the game. And then our team got in a fight with the other team so we all got pissed and were yelling at them. But then we found out what happened with Franklin and Grantham. I’m still not sure how I feel about the whole situation, but I’m glad that Kwame Geathers and Shawn Williams were only suspended for the first half.

Even though I felt like we didn’t win, we did and at the end of the day, that’s what matters.


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