The Bye Week

Last weekend was the bye week. Fitting, because Georgia/Florida is this weekend. This is always a huge game, but this year, neither one of us are great and the SEC East is on the line. Not that it really matters because the West is out of control good this year. But still. We have our pride we need to keep intact. If we had any to begin with…..


Last weekend.

You would think that because there wasn’t a Georgia game, that it wouldn’t have been very busy. But that’s not true at all.

Friday night, we celebrated Ryan’s and his dad’s birthdays by going to New York Prime with his family. Ryan has seriously been talking about this restaurant since we met, so I decided to “surprise” him by taking him there. Of course, he guessed so it wasn’t a surprise anymore. But it was seriously soooo good and I think that is going to be his birthday present from now on. Which is 100% a-ok with me!

Ryan with his steak and his first bite.

This is the HUGE 13 pound lobster they have. Redic. They drive it around the restaurant on a little red wagon.

We all had to get our pictures with the birthday boys.

(I don’t have the picture of all of us, so I’ll have to add it when Ryan’s mom puts them on Facebook.)

Saturday morning, I had to work because Jillian and Ashley were walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-day so Katie and I cheered them on and passed out pretzels and honey to the participants. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I thought it would be really sad, but it was exactly the opposite- really inspiring and exciting.

After the Susan G., Ryan and I got all dressed up to go to Rachel and Charlie’s wedding! Two nights in a row of just wearing heels. Even on the weekends, I still just usually wear flip-flops and sweatpants. In other words, I’m lazy.

But it was a beautiful and very extravagant wedding. Rachel looked perfect and the food was out of this world. They had a macaroni and cheese bar that Ryan is going to talk about for a looooong time!

Of course, one of the best parts of any wedding is seeing and hanging out with friends you don’t see enough. Of course, I could see them every day and it wouldn’t be enough.

Rosemary and Brian. Dang, I miss them.

Pease and Kelly were bridesmaids. They didn’t just dress alike. Hahaha Oh, I crack myself up.

Congrats Rachel and Charlie!

Sunday was more of a lazy day. We slept in, I picked up Tori and Tommy from the Susan G. Komen, cleaned my room, and then we ate dinner at Ryan’s parents. I didn’t even watch the Falcons game.

It was a great, great weekend. Crazy busy as always, but that’s life!


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