Muschamp: Australian for Traitor

Georgia/Florida is one of those weekends that’s always good, but rarely great. I’ve only seen us win once before this weekend, and while I thought it was possible this year, I’ve thought it was other years too and somehow, we’ve always managed to screw it up. Even last year, when the game went into overtime, we just couldn’t figure out how to win.

Fortunately, this year, it was GREAT!! We even managed to win!! Although our special teams and offense were less than stellar, the defense did it for us.

Ryan and I left Thursday night after work for Savannah.

We got in SAV and hung out and watched game 6 of the World Series before going to bed. Friday, the boys played gold while Jamie and I shopped around St. Simons Village. I bought a shirt and she bought a toe ring, for the record. Friday night, we all ate dinner at the condo. Ryan was in charge of grilling the steaks and we had broccoli casserole and rice. Sarah and I made brownies with Cool Whip and crushed Butterfingers. Mmmmm mmm! It was delicious!

After watching the last game of the World Series, we all headed to bed because we had to be up EARLY for the game. Or rather, the air mattress. :)

We parked in our “usual” spot and got everything set up.

(It was a very bad hair day for me.)

Then it was time for the game! Here come the Dawgs!!

Love seeing the divided line. Pure hate.

After the first half, I thought our hopes looked pretty dismal. But fortunately, we were able to come back!! Truly, the game felt a little anticlimactic, but who cares?? We won!

As Aaron Murray said, the most beautiful sight is one side of the stadium full of red and black and the other half empty.




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