A Random List

(This post was written on Friday, but I didn’t have a chance to post it. I guess I could update it, but that seems like too much trouble.)

  1. I have been in Rhode Island this past week with my internship installing a job. It was awesome and crazy. I took my computer, but I didn’t have internet access, even in our hotel room, so I’ve been a little crazy being away from the computer. Thank goodness for the iPhone! But I’m also annoyed that I lugged my computer all the way to Rhode Island and then barely even turned it on.
  2. I’m exhausted. It’s been a long week with late hours and early mornings. But it was so good.
  3. I’m very sad about the entire situation at Penn State. But it reminds me once again of one of my favorite quotes from Edmond Burke: “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” How true that is! And what a perfect example this is of that.
  4. Whitney is thinking of getting a cat and I’m so excited! I love kittens and cats, but I’m especially excited that the responsibility is not mine. I just get to reap the benefits.
  5. Annie comes back to the U.S. TOMORROW!!!!!! We have missed her. Even with 3 people still in our house, it just seems empty.
  6. Even though I’ve been away from Georgia all week, I’m hearing rumors of blacking out Auburn. If these are true, I am staunchly apposed. I will never “out” any Georgia football game ever again.
  7. I signed up for 5 classes of hot yoga last week and I’m so excited to start next Monday. I am so NOT self motivated, especially when it comes to working out and I know that I need a class to attend. I hope that this will be something that I enjoy and will keep doing.
  8. Today was my last day working at BEE/DES-SYN. I am so sad about it, but it’s a good thing. More to come in a later blog post next week.
  9. There have been lots of emotions in this list. Sadness, excitement, happiness. It’s good to know that true joy comes from the Lord.
  10. I know I’m late on this train, but my new favorite song is ‘How He Loves’ by David Crowder Band. I especially love the first verse- “He is jealous for me. Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree. Bending beneath the waves of His wind and mercy.” So good and so true and just absolutely the season of life I am in right now.
  11. The Compassion bloggers are in Ecuador this week. I have especially loved reading Ann VosKamp’s  words from it. My two favorite things she has said are, “Thanksgiving becomes thanksliving when the thanks for His vertical, coming-down grace is expressed as a horizontal, reaching-out grace.” and from her book, “A life contemplating the blessings of Christ becomes a life acting out the love of Christ.” I’ve been mulling over these words all week and have been thinking and praying about how I can make them a reality in my own life. I’m excited to see where it is going to take me!


I think a list of 11 things is appropriate, seeing that it’s 11-11-11, so I’m going to stop there. Cheers to the freakin’ weekend


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