November 6

I’m skipping a few things, but this is the most important. One year ago, on November 6, Ryan and I went on our first date. We decided that on the anniversary, we would go back to Tanaka and sit at the same table, if possible.

So last Sunday, we went to church, watched the Falcons game, napped and then got ready for dinner. When we got there, it was closed!!

I was seriously sooo bummed. I had been looking forward to this meal for so long. I seriously sat there thinking where else we could eat that would even come close to comparing.

But no worries. My super sweet boyfriend had known all along that they would be closed. So he planned ahead and had his roommate pick up our orders the day before. And gotten a bottle of wine that we had picked up in Virginia when we went to see his dad. And flowers. And a candle. And coats and a heater in case it was too cold.

And I cried. I don’t cry about things like that. But I was so surprised and shocked and happy. It was even better than if it had been open.



4 Comments on “November 6”

  1. Cathy Rhodes says:

    That may be the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!

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  3. […] if we could go to Tanaka (which is where we had our first date and have gone for other special dates). He looked at me and said, “Do you know me? Of course we’re going to Tanaka.” […]

  4. […] we headed to our favorite sushi place to celebrate our first date. We also did this last year, and as long as Tanaka is open, we will keep doing it. Which I hope it forever because they make […]

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