Pinnable Friday: Thanksgiving

I ranted Wednesday on Twitter. I’m tired of everyone skipping Thanksgiving and going straight into Christmas. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. It’s perfect. It gets the benefit of Christmas- lots of food and family, without the stress of having to buy gifts. It’s a time to give thanks. For me, that’s thanks to God for all He has given us. And I think it’s perfect that it comes right before the time that we celebrate God sending Jesus to earth. So everyone, LAY OFF and give Thanksgiving it’s due. I think it’s time we start easing up on Christmas- celebrate what it’s REALLY about and not having the perfect gifts, parties, decorations, etc. And then Thanksgiving will get it’s time to shine.

Here is my tribute to Thanksgiving.

This little ‘give thanks’ pillow is so sweet and simple and perfect. I definitely think it’s something that should be left out all year round. :)

Dear Lillie via Sloan via Pinterest

These little guys were totally in my American Girl magazine growing up and my whole class made them. They were awesome!

Sound Eats via Sloan via Pinterest

I don’t know why, but this turkey just totally trips me out. So hilarious!

Google via Sloan via Pinterest

I just think this pumpkin centerpiece is really beautiful. I love all the different flowers and colors used in it. Country Living via Sloan via Pinterest

I think this Give Thanks board is a great idea. Every November at dinner, the family goes around and says what they’re thankful for that day. And then you keep each year in the envelopes to look back at future years. What a great way to make memories!

Jelly Bean Junkyard via Sloan via Pinterest


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