LSU Who Who?

I’m totally doing these blog posts backwards and I don’t even care.

I think at this point, it’s pretty much undisputed that LSU is the #1 team in the country. Holy mess. They’re good. I don’t even know what happened with us in the first quarter, but I must say it was freakin awesome. Our defense dominated and was so good. But after our delay of game penalty at the end of the first quarter, I could just see it going down hill. Yes, we still scored a TD after, but I could just tell.

BUT, we had an amazing season and I’m so proud of our team. I’ve said it 100 times, but after starting 0-2, I would have never thought we would have competed for the SEC Championship. We came a long way, baby!

We headed downtown pretty late, for us. But, anything past 9 on Saturday morning is late! We walked past all of the Game Day stuff. It’s crazy how on TV they make it look like there are soooo many people there! There are Lee and Kurt.

After walking around for a bit, we ate at an AWESOME pizza place called Max’s. Ryan and I shared the veggie and it was loaded down with STUFF, just the way I like it!

After Max’s, we headed to Taco Mac to hang out and have a few beers before the game started. And also to watch the LSU Who Who video a few more times.

Soon, it was time to head to the Dome! We had such high hopes.

And proof that at one point, we were winning. :) Those were incredible, unbelievable moments.

Whelp. There’s always next year!


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