Fashion Police: The Oscars 2012

Last night were the Academy Awards. I LOVE watching the Oscars, mostly because I love to see all of the clothes. Last night though, Sarah and I filled out ballots, so that helped make it more interesting too. I just wish they didn’t last so dang long! Anyway, here are my favorite (and a few least favorite) dresses from the night!

Michelle Williams was my FAVORITE! I thought her dress was so precious and she accessorized it perfectly. I’m thinking of getting a new dress for the weddings we’re going to this year and I’m thinking it may need to have that little flair at the hip! I also had her picked for best actress, but you really can’t complain when Meryl wins, right?

I really like Sandra Bullock’s dress, even though this isn’t the most flattering picture of it. I know a lot of people thought it should be more tailored at the top, but I think that’s how it was supposed to look. She does look like she’s had some work done, though. I guess it could just be the way her eye makeup is done.

I’m a big Tina Fey fan, but I don’t usually love what she wears to award shows. This time, I thought she looked spectacular! I loved her dress, hair and earrings! I thought it was all great! I typically think when you’re not a nominee, you should take a step back, and she did but still looked great!

I LOVED Octavia Spencer’s dress! I think the color looked great on her and I thought the shape was super flattering. It was very pretty, but it looked comfortable, too! I also really liked her hair and earrings. The more I think about it, she may be tied with Michelle Williams.

Ooh, but I forgot for a second about Jessica Chastain. Call me biased, but I loved her character in The Help. And I loved the dress and how the gold played off her hair color. And the embroidery was exquisite!

I also know a lot of people weren’t as crazy about Emma Stone’s dress, but I really liked it! She’s adorable and I thought it fit her well and I really liked her hair with it. I probably would have had to pop in some turquoise or some emeralds with it, though.

I usually think Guiliana Rancic looks good, but I was especially impressed with this dress. I really loved all of the beading details on it and how she accessorized it. Although I think her hair should have have some more body to it.

Angelina Jolie always wears the same dang thing. I’d probably like this dress if it didn’t look like every other dress she’s ever worn. Also, why the HECK is she standing like that??

Jennifer Lopez was my least favorite, I think. After looking at her dress more, I think I would have liked it if it hadn’t had sleeves. I don’t like that weird cutout thing and they’re too long, also.

That about covers it!

Some trends I noticed:
Not a lot of color, mostly metallics
Lots of asymmetry with ruffles and one-shoulders
Not a lot of over the top jewelry, fairly understated
For the most part, everyone looked very modern; not a lot of old Hollywood

What were your favorite and least favorites? Any trends I missed??


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