Arizona Day 1- “Bear Down”

A few weeks ago (hard to believe it’s been that long!) Ryan and I headed to Arizona to see his grandfather and just to visit. We’ve had this trip planned and booked for MONTHS and it was hard to believe we were finally there! We were so sad his grandmother passed away right before I was able to meet her, but it was good timing for us to visit his grandfather.

We flew in late Friday night. I passed the time by reading, doing my Bible study, and playing Temple Run on Ryan’s iPad. Ryan passed the time by playing on my computer and video chatting on gmail. It was really crazy to be able to SEE other people on the computer on the plane! We got in at 1 a.m. Atlanta (America) time, so we headed straight to bed.

Saturday was the day that Ryan was THE MOST excited about- seeing the University of Arizona play basketball!

We started off the day tailgating. The temperature that was was 80* and AMAZING! I wore my rainbows in February! (Those shoes are absolutely my favorite and I would wear them year-round if I could.) It was just the 3 of us, so it was nice and low-key. We just had sandwiches and potato salad and coleslaw that Ryan’s grandfather had picked up and of course, Miller Light and cookies. Soon, it was time to head in!

Our seats were great! I love sitting up a little higher and watching the plays develop.

Ryan made me take a picture of this- without a doubt the happiest day of his life.

Finally, it was time for the game! Jesse Perry is my favorite player. Strangely, I think I like his hair.

It ended up being a much closer game than we thought! Utah is one of the worst teams in the Pac-12 this year, but they hung with Arizona most of the game. Ryan was freaking out and I was too because all I could think was, “We flew all the way out here to go to a game and they’re going to lose!” Fortunately, they pulled ahead in the 2nd half and won!

After the game, we walked around the McHale Center and Ryan and Papa showed me around. It was funny and neat to see how passionate Ryan is about it. I’ve watched so many games with him on TV, but he was really in his element being there!

Where the whole “Bear Down” thing is from. (Kathleen, I know you’ve been wondering.)

After the game, we drove around campus a bit and then headed back to the house for naps and cocktail hour. Then I had a slight breakdown because we were going to a nice dinner and I left my dress at home. But I recovered and we had a great dinner, even if I did accidentally order 2 sides of mashed potatoes. But I love mashed potatoes, so it’s all good.

I would say Day One was a smashing success.


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