The Times, They Are A Changin’

Yep, I changed my blog name. I’ve been thinking about it for a while (try 2 years- ever since I graduated college.) Then I started a job, got fired, moved home and still somewhat felt like a kid. Then I moved out and got a new job. A job that I will (hopefully) keep for a long time.

And thus, it was time for a new name. So I put it out there and asked what I should change it to and I got a whopping 2 responses.

My mom (of course) suggested “Adventures of a Starving Intern,” but I wanted something a little longer lasting. I knew I wouldn’t be starving or an intern for long! (Plus, the scale is saying I haven’t been hungry much at all!) (But I’m trying to fix that. Not the hungry part, but the scale part.)

But Ryan suggested a Stephen Kellogg song, ‘In Front of the World.’ Out of the 1000s (seriously) of bands that Ryan has introduced me to, SK and the 6ers are one of my favorites. And after listening to it, I knew it was perfect.

But, of course I had to keep my “Adventures.” Because that’s what they have been so far and that is what I hope to keep having.


2 Comments on “The Times, They Are A Changin’”

  1. Cathy Rhodes says:

    Good post…good name…good song : D

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