Another Random List

Here we are. Another random list.

First of all, my sweet Jamie has a new blog that she started, Fabulously Fashioned. It is full of great recipes, beautiful clothes, practical beauty tips, and inspiring thoughts about our Father. I guarantee you will love it!

My new favorite Bible verse is Psalm 119:32. “I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.” What a great mental image that is! I RUN in your commands, not drudge, not walk, RUN! Oh, Lord, that that would be my attitude. And why? Because He has set my heart FREE! I really hate putting a period after that verse. It shouldn’t be a statement, it should be an exclamation! He has set my heart FREE, so I RUN in the path of His commands! It just makes me want to get up and twirl and leap!

For Lent, I’ve “given up” my phone in the morning. By that I mean, I no longer check Twitter, Facebook, email, or blogs. I do still text and check the weather, though! Those are all such a time suck! It can be really hard, but I just need to stop. Plus, it’s easy to see just how addicted I am to it.

I have also made a few changes to my diet. Plus, I’ve started exercising more. To my diet, the most obvious thing is that I’m choosing to eat less meat. Although I have been eating barbeque and stew all week. I just love my Holcomb’s. And I bought an awesome new pair of running shoes. I really didn’t want to because, well, they’re expensive and I wanted to make sure I would wear them. But my old ones gave me shin splints and didn’t really give me any motivation. But new ones have done the trick! Plus, they’re grey and pink and pale turquoise! {I’ve gotten off my eating and exercising this week, but now that the red velvet cake, banana pudding and barbeque from Daddy’s birthday are gone, I’m back!}

I am very sad that both Gossip Girl and Glee are gone until April. The addition of Georgina on Gossip Girl has really made it what it used to be, although I don’t like her character very much. Also, I’m not sure I’ve blogged about it, but Downton Abbey is currently on my list of BEST SHOWS EVER. I’m very much aware that this is not a short list, but really, it’s amazing. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly encourage you to do so.


Source: via Sloan on Pinterest


Ryan and I are attending 4 weddings this year. And I’ve exhausted my “wedding” dress. (That was originally priced at $300 and I got it for $70. Still one of the best purchases of my life.) I still love it, but I can’t have every single wedding I ever go to in the same dress. I really want a new one, but I’m on a budget. And really, I have 1,000 dresses in my closet from Recruitment and in Sarah’s closet that I don’t really need to buy one. But still. Here are the 2 I’ve pinned for consideration. I’m somewhat leaning toward the first one, if only because Kathleen (one of the brides) liked it on Pinterest.

Source: via Sloan on Pinterest

Source: via Sloan on Pinterest


Since I have Mondays off (I work Tuesday-Saturday), I joined a Beth Moore Bible study at the church we have been attending. We are doing Living Beyond Yourself and I have really loved it. I knew that since it was on Monday mornings, it would be full of stay at home moms, but I had no idea that my breakout group would be me and twelve 60 year old women! I very much love it though and have learned a lot from them. Last week’s study was about peace and during the video, Beth spoke about being peacekeepers versus peacemakers. It was a strong word that really spoke to me. She said that peacekeepers are keeping a false peace, a peace that isn’t really there. I am SO guilty of this and felt very convicted! I really just want to keep the peace around me, no matter what the cost. So I’ve added yet another thing to pray about daily. It seems like the list is never ending.

That’s a loooooong list. And I think it’s enough. For this time, anyway.


One Comment on “Another Random List”

  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks for the plug my precious friend! I love your blog too and thank you for sharing that verse with us.
    By the way, the second dress is my favorite. Love the color and the cut would look great on you!

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