Is it really too much to ask??

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. I have ganked up feet. It’s true. They’re tiny and skinny and I have a really hard time finding flats and sandals that fit. For instance, I cannot ever wear t-strap sandals. They kill my feel. But this year, these really cute sandals are in style and I want some. But only for the right price, of course.

(from Madewell)

Unfortunately, $80 is slightly out of my price range.

(from ModCloth)

I also really like these from ModCloth, even though I think they kinda look like little boy church sandals. I think that might actually be part of why I like them. And the price is right at $36. Unfortunately, the smallest size they have is a 6 and it says they run big, so order down. At a 5/5.5 shoe size, that just won’t work for me.

I also like these from Ruche, but I want the strap to go around my ankle and I want them to be more plain, no frills. I guess a little more androgynous. But not ugly, because I want to be able to wear them to work and for fun. So they should be semi-comfortable, but that should happen with them being flats.

Boo. My life is so hard.

That was a joke.

But seriously, who can give me some suggestions on where to look?


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