The Supper Club: Nuevo Laredo Cantina

Kinda like The Breakfast Club, but not at all.

But if we were, Sarah is totally Brian and I’m Allison. Claire was such a bitch. But I guess Allison was really weird.

If only John Hughes wrote my life…………..

But he doesn’t so this is my version. Or God’s, rather.


After Sarah’s birthday, we decided that we needed to try different restaurants around our area because there are so many good ones that we are too cheap to visit. So we started off with a Mexican restaurant that was rated the best Mexican in Atlanta: Nuevo Laredo Cantina.

Of course, my memory is so bad (why else do you think I keep this blog?) that I totally forgot that I’d been there before. Duh.

I’ve only ever had the chicken soup there (which was amazing), so I decided to try the shrimp tacos. But of course, doing our due diligence, we had to try the salsa and guac first. (Sadly, we skipped the margaritas. We are still really cheap, after all.)

Overall, I liked the salsa a lot. Big chunks of cilantro and tomatoes and not much heat at all. So if you like spicy, you’re definitely going to need the assistance of some hot sauce. But I do not, so it was perfect for me.

Sarah gave it a thumb and a half.

(After that, we were too busy chowing down to rate stuff.)

Next up, the guac! I’m a HUGE guacamole fan. Really, I’m a huge fan of avocado and anything that has to do with it.

I thought their guac was good, but it was just a basic guacamole recipe. Nothing out of this world, but still really good. Would I order it again? I’m not sure. It’s kind of expensive. But if someone else was paying, definitely.

Up next, the tacos! I guess I should start by saying tacos are pretty much the only Mexican dish I really like. That’s because I don’t usually trust ground beef from restaurants and I don’t like shredded chicken. But I LOVE fish tacos and really, any seafood tacos.

Overall, I would say they were VERY GOOD. Not great, but VERY GOOD. I wish that they had given me some limes, but the service was slightly sub par. Okay, it was sub par, not just slightly. But I like a very involved server. Would I get the shrimp tacos again? Based on taste, yes. But they got into an argument with my stomach and let’s just say the tacos won. So no, I will probably not be getting the shrimp tacos next time.

But, I would definitely go to Nuevo Laredo again. If only for the company of this sweet friend.

Final Report: (out of 5 stars)
Food: ****
Service: ***
Atmosphere: *****
Overall: 4.5 (You can’t do half a star.)


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