Arizona Day 3- Sedona!

These are turning into semi-weekly posts. Seriously, we’ve been back for almost a month! It’s ridiculous. But I’m getting there. Finally.

We woke up super early to have a long day in Sedona. It was about a 4 hour drive from Tucson to Sedona. I usually sleep in the car, but I made sure to stay up and see all of the awesome scenery!

Unfortunately, it was cloudy so you can’t see just how RED the dirt was. Plus, nothing ever looks as good as it does in person. I love that about God. You have to experience it in person to realize the majesty. It was just amazing. All of these red mountains surrounding you. He is so creative.

The first thing we did was went to the Chapel of the Cross. It’s this tiny little church carved out of the side of the hills and the view is amazing! It was beautiful!

The next thing we did was go check into our hotel and find lunch because we were starving. We ate at this awesome brewery that was near the hotel in this little village. We loved the food and Ryan got a taste tester of all their different beers. I thought it was awesome and had never seen it before, but he didn’t get that excited about it.


After lunch, we walked around and checked out all the shops. Unfortunately, all of the things we liked were out of our price range, but I will definitely be back to pick up some art one day. I can’t wait!

The view while we explored:

Eventually, we had exhausted all of our shopping options and it was only about 4:30. We ended up just driving around Sedona some before dinner and then just headed up to the airport where we were eating. The airport is at the top of one of the plateaus and it has views all the way around. So of course, they put an awesome restaurant up there! Genius.

As we were driving up the mountain, Ryan all of a sudden pulled the car over and told me to get out. We were climbing a mountain.

(It was steeper than it looked. Plus, I wasn’t exactly wearing my hiking boots.)

But the view from the top was 1000% worth it. Seriously, I almost started crying. It was just one of those moments that you don’t have words for, where God feels so close.

(Only a totally superficial note, I’m super glad that this is the outfit that I’m wearing in these pictures.)

After an awesome dinner, we headed back to the hotel and watched Pawn Stars. We’re addicted. We were also exhausted because we had gotten up super early to get to Sedona and then were waking up early the next day to head back to Tucson. But it was totally worth it.  Sedona was one of the top 5 highlights of our trip for me. I can’t wait to go back!


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