Easter Monday

Today, I have “nothing” to do! Actually, that’s a lie. I have A LOT to do. But I don’t have to leave the house for anything. Yay!!

Except to go to the grocery store and maybe Tuesday Morning. I have several plants around the house that are just sitting in their plastic pots on plastic plates, for drainage. Yuck! The Nester‘s posts about plants have inspired me, so today I’m going to try to take action! I also need to clean my room and sew. And it’s noon and I’m still sitting in bed, watching Khloe and Lamar. I better get going!

But first, a few things.

This weekend was a great one. Saturday was Ryan’s mom’s birthday, so we had an awesome dinner at Two Urban Licks. Great food, great atmosphere, and great company. I highly recommend it!

Sunday, we headed to church and Mama cooked an awesome lunch! Ham and turkey, potato salad, pineapple casserole, deviled eggs- all my favorite! And then apple dumplings and pound cake for dessert. I tweeted that I may like Easter lunch better than Thanksgiving, and so far I still haven’t changed my mind.

After lunch, Mama and I talked wedding stuff (of course) and then joined the boys for the last few holes of the Masters. Bubba Watson, I love you, your tears, your General Lee, your Green Jacket, and most of all, your love for your family, your God, and your (our) school. Go Dawgs!

Lastly, I think everyone needs to go read this post from Beth Moore. Siesta Mama knows how to hit the nail on the head and she can suck the marrow out of every word of the Bible. She has a gift.


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