Do You See What I See?



So in my recent internet window shopping for the perfect dress for work/Kathleen’s wedding/engagement pictures (tall order, but I know it’s out there!) I came across a PHENOMENON.

(From H&M and Anthropologie- for $350!!!)

That is TWO, not one, but TWO, pairs of denim overalls. One of which, are overall SHORTS.

A few years ago, Sarah and I lamented the fact that we had gotten rid of our overalls. I had not only a pair of denim overall shorts, but also a pair of denim overall CAPRIS.

Unfortuantely, after searching facebook, I can find no photographic evidence of this, although I know there is some, somewhere. Although I did find some rather questionable fashion choices. Can we just say gaucho pants? In a bar??? And boat shoes?

But I guess in a few years, we’ll look back and lament our current choices. And then a few years later, they’ll be back in style! Life fashion is a vicious cycle. I’m never getting rid of anything ever again.


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