Eating from Trucks with Friends

A few weeks ago, a food truck park opened in Atlanta. So obviously Restaurant Club was there for April! Since it was the first day, it was crazy-packed. It seemed like every time we went to get in line, everything was sold out. Or rather, anything we actually wanted to eat.

Finally, as I was wondering around, I saw a girl eating something that was round and fried over a bed of grits so I immediately asked her where she got it. Fried green tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese on grits? Ibiza bites, here we come!

Whitney wanted the lobster mac and cheese, which was, of course, sold out.

Whitney and I had the fried green tomatoes, but we didn’t realize you had to ask for the grits. Sarah had the brisket, and she knew she had to ask for grits, so she got some. We also had the citrus thyme lemonade, which was delicious, albeit pricey.

After the FGTs, we headed over to Honeysuckle to try some gelato. The line was long, but 1,000% worth the wait! We got there just in time for snacks on a plane, which was officially The Best Gelato of All Time.

Food Trucks = 2 thumbs up! I can’t wait to go back!




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