Wedding Extravaganza Weekend

We are officially in the season of life where several of our friends are getting married every year. This year, we are going to 5 weddings and 4 of them are Ryan’s friends. Actually, I have one in October, but I don’t consider that wedding season anymore. Last weekend (the last in April), was a Wedding Extravaganza Weekend. Ryan was in a wedding, so Friday was rehearsal dinner, Saturday was wedding, and Sunday was a shower for Kathleen.

Of course, I took zero pictures on Friday night, but I wore my rehearsal dinner dress. That’s what’s important, right?

Saturday, I worked and then headed to the wedding! It was really beautiful and sweet ceremony, even though the bride was about 30 minutes late. Oops! Totally not her fault. Really.

The reception was at a really great clubhouse. First was the cocktail hour with some great hors durves. (No idea how to spell that.)

Lo and behold, I actually took a few pictures even though Sarah wasn’t there.

They moved to San Fran, despite our protestations.

Ryan and Melissa matched.

One of my new favorite pictures of us.

It was a fancy sit-down dinner, so I took a picture of my salad. Melissa thought I was weird.

After dinner, Ryan and I danced the night away with Matt. As he said, he never met a dance floor he didn’t like. Me either, Matt. Me either.

The next morning I had a shower for Kathleen. We had a super nice brunch at this fancy country club. Of course, most of us were late because for some reason the toll booth was ridiculously backed up for some reason, but it was all good. Kathleen got lots of awesome stuff and she and Avery are going to have the most well-labeled house in the history of the world.

Weddings are so fun!



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