Books, Books and More Books!

I’ve been out of my reading loop lately. As in the past 9 months. Oops. But I’m getting back into it as quickly as possible and as deeply as possible. I used to read constantly! But I just haven’t been as much lately. I’m having to make myself open a book, but once I do, I can barely put them down! I’ve just missed it! So here are the few books I’ve read lately.

Joy Luck Club was kind of a wash for me. I didn’t love it, didn’t hate, just really couldn’t get into it. I did like Time Traveler’s Wife a lot, though. A little sad and depressing, though.

Of course, I got sucked into the Hunger Games just like everyone else. Sarah let me borrow her Kindle to read them, because she was reading real books at the time. I liked them, but was really disappointed in how they ended.

Mama and Chance also got me into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books. They were AWESOME, but I really think the first one gave me nightmares. They were super intense. I still need to finish the last one.

Finally, for our Book Club, we read The Kite Runner, which is one of my favorite books ever! Even though I didn’t get to go to the meeting. Boo.

My next goal is to start making a dent in some of these Goodwill books I have. And to just start reading more!


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